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The History of Model Scales

Model scales are an excellent way to display history. The history of model scale is a great example of how these types of devices have changed over time, and helped shape the history of science as well. Read on for more information about this fascinating topic! Who invented scale models? As with history, the history of model scales is difficult to pin down. The idea for using them as a way to measure things that may be too big or cumbersome was first conceived by Archimedes in 240 BC and Galileo Galilei used models around 1635 AD. However, the history of scale modeling isn't only about who invented it; understanding how these devices have changed over time can help us better understand our collective history. For example: did you know that German physicist Johann Ritter had been working on improving measurement accuracy since 1826? He created what he called "Polariscope" which improved on earlier ideas related to polarization measurements and helped him work at his goal o